Building the Road to a Better Tomorrow With Lindy Paving Inc.

Aug 10, 2023 | 0 comments

The need for reliable, high-quality infrastructure has become more critical than ever. One firm that has been consistently delivering just that is Lindy Paving Inc. Who is Lindy Paving? What exactly do we do? And how are we driving communities in Western Pennsylvania into the future? 

In this article, we will provide a closer look at our New Galilee, Pennsylvania–based company and how we’re literally building the road to a better tomorrow.

Who Is Lindy Paving Inc.?

Lindy Paving Inc. started as a small, family-run enterprise. Over the years, we have grown into one of the most reputable and reliable paving companies in Western Pennsylvania — growth fueled by a mission to provide the highest-quality paving services with a focus on quality, integrity, safety, and lasting relationships.

Lindy Paving is part of The Lindy Group, a team of closely-held companies that provides paving services, asphalt and concrete production, milling, and seal coating for companies, utilities, and government entities in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia. The Lindy Group is also part of a team of companies composed of PJ Dick and Trumbull Corporation.

For government and commercial clients, this means having a one-stop solution for all their paving needs, from initial construction to maintenance and repair. Our commitment to quality and efficiency results in cost savings, minimized disruption, and long-lasting pavements.

Lindy Paving Inc.’s Commitment to Infrastructure Development

For the past 40-plus years, Lindy Paving Inc. has completed numerous projects that have significantly contributed to community development and infrastructure. From constructing hundreds of miles of highways and airport runways to paving city streets and commercial parking lots, our work has facilitated smoother transportation, enhanced business operations, and improved quality of life in communities.

Quality is at the heart of Lindy Paving Inc.’s operations. We have earned a reputation for using — and inventing — cutting-edge techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver work that meets or exceeds both government and industry standards. Our team has even developed a customized quality-control system that makes sure every aspect of our work is performed at the highest levels.

While the quality of our work speaks for itself, we have also earned more than 75 industry honors for our outstanding achievements in paving. Lindy is the only company to have earned five Sheldon G. Hayes Awards from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), given annually to the country’s best paving construction project.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability Efforts

Lindy Paving Inc. is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. We recycle asphalt materials and utilize warm mix asphalt technology, which reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Lindy Paving is also one of the first paving companies to obtain an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) rating for its mixes as part of the Emerald Eco-Label EPD Program. 

Lindy Paving Inc. is Committed to Safe Construction

The Lindy Group created and strictly follows a comprehensive safety program that includes regular training for employees and meticulous adherence to safety regulations. 

Our commitment extends not only to our workers but also to the public, ensuring that our sites are secure and pose no danger to passersby.

At Lindy, Relationships Mean Everything

Collaboration and teamwork are central to everything we do at Lindy Paving Inc. This applies to the company’s employees, partners, subcontractors, and vendors as well as our customers. We believe in actively building long-term relationships with our clients through careful planning, excellent service, and open and honest communication.

Lindy Paving’s diverse team brings a wide combination of unique talents to the table, enabling our company to deliver more innovative solutions to often complex projects — which often results in higher efficiency and reduced costs. 

Partner with Lindy Paving Inc.

Lindy Paving Inc.’s dedication to high quality, reliable service, uncompromised safety, and long-term relationships has made us a leader in the paving industry. As we continue to grow and innovate, we remain grounded in our mission to provide high-quality paving solutions. 

With Lindy Paving leading the way, it’s easy to see how communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia can look forward to a more reliable road to a better future.

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