High-Quality Construction

At The Lindy Group, we’ve built a decades-long reputation for providing our customers with the highest quality product. With our quality control service, we guarantee exceptional paving service and results. We will sample, test, and monitor the asphalt throughout the paving process. In fact, we set the standard for quality work: we’ve won 75+ quality awards in the past 25 years, including five NAPA Sheldon G. Hayes Awards, the most prestigious honor in the paving industry.

Quality Control

Our commitment to the highest quality construction is the reason we were the first company in the nation to win the prestigious Sheldon G. Hayes Award five times. We’re proud of our ongoing dedication to achieving the best results for our customers.

We begin each paving project with a customized quality control plan to ensure that every step of our work process is performed to the highest standards. We maintain our own internal laboratory to make sure our product meets the state standards for asphalt quality.

High-Quality Construction Standards

State and national agencies, as well as major equipment manufacturers, look to The Lindy Group for our leadership and innovation. Our asphalt lay-down techniques have become the industry standard across the country.

Our proven methods, innovative techniques, and high-quality products will provide the finest results in your next paving project.

Ongoing Training

In an effort to ensure the highest quality construction possible, we keep our team fully trained on the latest practices, processes, and techniques for optimum paving performance. In addition, we are always looking for the best, most efficient way to serve our customers — be it using new technology or investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

Your High-Quality Paving Team

The Lindy Group provides the highest-quality paving service and products available, and our team promises to go the extra mile — literally — to deliver outstanding results every time.